How to blow 320,000 Skymiles

So we have a ton of Skymiles on Delta to burn and I wanted to see where the most expensive place in the world is to fly to from Nashville. Courtesy of our friends at, I learned I could fly anywhere in the world for between $90 and $9,170.   I expected that for $9,170 in cold hard cash, it would be some exotic South Sea destination with black sand and blue oceans.  Not so much. $9,170 buys you coach to Baghdad. As in Iraq. Now there’s a garden spot I want to blow my Skymiles on.

You too can travel to exotic places, meet new and exciting people, and possibly be abducted and killed by them.

 Alternately, I can fly to Afghanistan for $8,260. Bargain travel to paradise.  Anyone up for a road trip?

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