Recycling in Nashville

Recycling in Nashville is de rigueur in certain zip codes. If you live in 37206 and don’t recycle, you might as well proudly display the elephant leg trash can you got on your last trip to Kenya to show that you have the social conscience of a flea. So today I went to the recycling drop off in Green Hills to dispose of my cardboard boxes. I drove up and noted that every single person there was in an SUV. Feeling morally superior, I cheerfully tossed my detritus into the metal bins. However, there was one gentleman who was driving a Hummer 3 with the Christian fish symbol on the back who got out and stuffed a box labeled “Spinning Sex Swing” into the bins without a trace of irony/subterfuge.

Recycling your sex toy boxes

Seriously. You have to have giant brass balls that clang when you walk to brazenly saunter up to a busy urban recycling center just after church on Sunday and publicly ditch your sex toy box, all while driving your Jesus-approved Hummer 3.

Jesus approves of Hummers.