Bracketology: Zoe picks

College basketball is not so much a sport at my house as it is religion. The husband is a Kentucky fan and I am a Kansas grad which has, on occasion, rendered the household somewhat tense.

I didn’t get my bracket in in time this year (the play in games are stupid in my not so humble opinion) so I am only playing along at home. I will say that I called the Vanderbilt and Louisville losses. The SEC will always screw you over* no matter how good they looked during the season and Louisville had it coming. But I digress.

Zoe, my 11 year old Sheltie/shepherd, has an incredible streak in predicting the ultimate winner.

Zoe, thinking deeply about her bracket choices

This year, I was presented with her bracket which I confess had some interesting calls:

Zoe apparently plans to win it all

Zoe has declared that the first three rounds are “boring”, “napping” and “whatever”.  Suddenly, in the final four, Daddy will battle it out with some steaks, and she and Bess will meet in a match that she will, of course, win. Ultimately, apparently Zoe wins it all.

Bess and Zoe battling it out: there can be only one.

I guess next year, we’ll have to do an official dog March Madness. Their bracket calls could not be any worse than mine.

*except for Kentucky and Florida, who are usually reliable for a run to the Sweet 16.