There are no words

OK fans, if you have made your way over here it’s because you want the NSFW version of my update on Holden and can stomach graphic pictures.

Let’s get the pictures over with:

His poor face is blown to smithereens

His poor face is blown to smithereens

And this:

This is Holden's face head on. The damage is obvious.

This is Holden’s face head on. The damage is obvious.

And now my opinion:

On a scale of what the fuckery from 1 to 10, this is an 11. Whoever did this shot him in the face and intended to make him suffer. In short, someone utterly without conscience or empathy is out there and will probably do this again. His xrays are lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree. I wish pain and suffering on whoever is responsible for this and frankly the world would be a better place without the human who did this.

For now, Holden is resting comfortably and is jacked up on pain meds. Despite the horrific wounds, he will live to bark another day. The use of his eye is in doubt and we are not sure about his jaw, but surgery is in his future. This puppy who is around a year old spent his time with the vet today pawing the vet demanding petting. It is amazing how forgiving these animals can be. Holden is more gracious than I am and while he’s wagging his tail, I’m sharpening my sword. I will likely never know who is responsible for this, but since I am unlikely to be the instrument of karmic justice, I can only hope that karma does indeed work its magic.

For those that want to help, you can donate here.

101 Responses to There are no words

  1. Appalled by the cruelty of my fellow man. Thank you, Jean, for fighting the good fight. I just made a donation to the cause.

  2. Michele stoddard says:

    People are Sick! I hope karma gets whoever did this to Holden!

  3. Tammy says:

    Oh this poor sweet baby. I’d give anything to get my hands on whoever does this stupid and cruel crap!!

  4. L macdougll says:

    I hate the person that did this…I hope the Karma bus runs that fucker over and then backs up

  5. And despite this horrendous cruelty you can see in his eye that he just wants love. If there is justice, karma will ass fuck whoever did this with a cactus.

  6. Lindsay says:

    It kills me that people do these things to animals. I’m so glad he’s going to make it, though. I’ve been hearing too many stories about the ones who don’t. Like you, I wish karma on the evil person who would do such a heinous thing. Animal cruelty should be an eye for an eye punishment. I can’t donate money, but I’m sending up lots of prayers for love and healing for this sweet boy. I just know he’ll find a home full of love with people who’d never hurt him.

    • You know, we see this stuff now, almost every day and even the things happening like happened today at that school with that 16 yrs’ old kid stabbing all those kids, and it makes me wonder, just what is happening to society. People are going crazy at every turn and true evil is all around us everywhere! I am a Christian but I do believe that God has a special place in hell for people that do these kinds of things to His animals! This is one of the saddest things I’ve seen yet. My heart breaks for this sweet baby…the pain he must have been in from it just makes tears run down my cheeks as I type this! I don’t have money to donate to help him but I will pray every day for this sweet baby! I wish that I was rich so I could just take care of everyone of them that need help! Lord, I ask you right now to touch this sweet baby, take away all pain, infections, and give this precious baby his sight and hearing back! I ask these things, Lord< in your precious name, Jesus Christ, and I know there is nothing that you can't do. I saw you heal my dog that the vet's said her hips were broken and she would be dead in 24 hours. You healed her completely and 4 days later she was running and playing and had 2 liters after that. I know that you can do the same thing for this baby! I'm asking and I'm believing that YOU, LORD, will do this and we all will see and know that the God I serve is still in the miracle business and we will be glad to give you all the glory and praise for it
      ! Amen

      • The truth is we are no worse than we were 20, 50 or even 1000 years ago. We are bombarded now with stories like this because the internet age has made it easy to get the word out. I take comfort in realizing that while my grandparents muttered under their breath about the young people of my generation, I am now irritated by those that came after me. It’s all relative. Holden is going to be fine.

  7. Renee Wendt says:

    My heart is just broken seeing this poor baby suffering. I have a burning hate for whomever did this. While im not in a position to help financially know im praying for this pup and praying whomever did th his gets what they deserve. I will share this story.

  8. Dawn Vargas says:

    Are you able to share with us the city or town where Holden was shot/found?

  9. Nancy Lester says:

    Of we had to know. That’s what love is. Bless his heart! The look in his eyes! That sparkle! So willing to hope & trust & love. I love you immediately Holden. Wish I could hug you & pour affection to you! Xoxo
    Damn the person who deliberately did this horrid thing! Evil evil person. I am not forgiving of this. I hope you pay!

  10. Tammy Jones says:

    what a sweet face! wish I was closer so I could foster him.

  11. Kellie says:

    Holy hell. I’m with Cathleen Worthington on this one. Jean, thank you for what you do, and I was so happy to hear you say that the change needs to start with the kids. People rarely want to admit that most adults are a lost cause. Hopefully in twenty years we will start to see a change. Hopefully I will still have a liver and not be in prison.

    • I am afraid my liver went to live with George Jones and he took it to the grave. I am not sure I will live to see true progress here. I can only hope.

    • Definitely the change needs to start with kids. Cruelty like this makes me angry at the person who inflicted it but also absolutely livid at the parents. I’m working my butt off trying to instill good values in my 9-year-old and make sure she’s a caring, contributing member of society. What the heck were the parents of Holden’s shooter doing when he/she was growing up?! Of course, they may have been the ones to teach him/her to shoot helpless animals and leave them wounded and suffering. (Having grown up in the rural south, that’s NOT what a real hunter does. Anyone who treats animals this way has no right to own a gun.)

  12. jake from state farm says:

    there are those who would enjoy the task of imposing some justice on monsters that would do this to any animal.

  13. Glad to hear that despite his pain and his wounds, Holden is in good spirits~ Sounds as if he is a fighter~ Keeping him in my thoughts and prayers. Holden it’s get better yet, hang in there buddy. And Big Fluffy Dog Rescue you are the best~

  14. Diane Goodhope says:

    Dear God, my hatred of mankind knows no bounds sometimes! I pray there is karma or an afterlife with the “eye for an eye” brand
    of justice. Thank you for what you endure to help these innocent creatures, if only we could clone you! The herculean efforts of you and your rescue are bright lights in a sometimes dim world.

  15. judy Strauser, Zoey the adopted cat & Allie the rescued dog says:

    I am shocked beyond belief. Breaks my heart that someone could be so cruel. I hope this b******* never gets near another furr-baby & I pray to God he stays away from all children!

  16. Erin says:

    First, I too have a burning hate for whomever did this. What goes around comes around and whoever you are, you will get yours. I also want to thank you for what you do. Holden, I wish I lived in Nashville. I look at your face and only see a desire to be loved. You would be in this house rolling around with twin 8 year old boys. Alas we live too far away in PA so my sincere hope is soon you will have a wonderful family who loves you to pieces and the hurt and suffering you have endured will be a distant memory.

  17. Erin says:

    my comment, missed some of my sentence. I meant I want to thank you for what you do Big Fluffy Dog Rescue.

  18. Tdcag4kk says:

    Cruelty like this makes me want to start a vigilante group since there is no justice where animal cruelty is involved. I have to believe in karma even though I do have doubts at times, otherwise I will lose my mind, in addition to my liver. Thank you Jean for all that you do in saving Holden and dogs like him.

  19. Celeste says:

    What the fuck is wrong with people these days?

  20. Celeste says:

    WTF is wrong with people these days?

  21. jackie noble says: glad BFDR has previously stated by many many others
    i would take u in a minute if i lived close enough..get well big man!!donation sent!!!

  22. Jada says:

    Hell is too good for this sorry piece of shit. Cruelty has no bounds. I have always maintained that to know the truth worth of a person, watch how they treat an animal. This person obviously deserves a slow, painful death.

  23. Tdcag4kk says:

    The monster who did this is a sociopath. Anyone who can inflict this kind of suffering, cruelty, and pain on another has no conscience. There is no treatment or cure for a sociopath, and they have no remorse. We as a society are so much better off without them in our midst.

  24. Thank you all you have done for him and countless others. And I believe there is a place for those who do harm to the ones who cannot protect themselves, and such sick minded monsters will not go unpunished.

  25. Carol Howden says:

    I am without words to describe what I am feeling after seeing the pictures of Holden. I never knew I had this much hatred for a monster that could do this to this beautiful dog. I know Karma will do Holden right, I’m just sorry he has to endure the pain and suffering. Thank you for doing all you can to help relieve his pain. And thank you for continuing to keep us posted of his progress.

  26. Jenn S says:

    With some effort to avoid sounding like a Pollyanna… I think we know too well about the sociopaths that cause pain without remorse. Yet your words tell the story of something much bigger. Holden clearly sensed your empathy for him, allowing him to trust you enough to want to kiss you – he felt and believed you were no threat. Even greater, the vet gives good drugs and perhaps he has experienced enough of a decrease in pain to want to love and be loved. Who knows what the universe has planned for the person devoid of a soul who could harm Holden or any of the many others, but there is clearly something better and more indestructible. Thank you for all your efforts to encourage the goodness to persevere.

  27. jenny says:

    Heal quickly you beautiful little soul! You will find your heart person!

  28. I’m seldom without words, but seeing this poor soul leaves me “almost” speechless. I say almost because if I could find the POS who did this, I would have a LOT to say to him ! In rescue, we will never cease to be shocked at what we find, it’s all we can do somedays just to continue and not give up. But if we give up, then those who have done the harm win, and that can never happen. Thank you for being on the right side !

  29. Midwestern Plant Girl says:

    I can’t begin to express how I hope karma exists. Thank you for taking care of him.

  30. Julie Hamilton-Paz says:

    There is no punishment cruel enough for the person who did this!

  31. Susie Quick says:

    Whom ever did this to an animal, will do it to a child, teenager, adult, wife, parents, seniors. I have no use for someone like this. Us volunteers at Adopt A Golden Birmingham and many others, will never never never understand this. When you think you have seen it all, along comes Holden. Hang in there sweetie. Already said a prayer.

  32. Delphyne49 says:

    First, thank you for taking care of Holden. I hope he recovers fully and without too much pain. Secondly, I personally would shoot the bastard who did this in the face and let him linger for a few weeks.

  33. michele Armstrong says:

    My heart is heavy and my eyes are filled with tears….i don’t have the correct words to describe the punishment this non human should have to go through…God bless you Jean for taking him in and loving him ❀

  34. Lainey113 says:

    My heart is sick looking at this and my head knows that an animal rarely would leave another looking like this… all except man. Disgusting revolting humans… who are anything but humane.

  35. I read somewhere that animals do not have emotions. What poppycock. Look at Holden’s face and tell me that. What I see in his one good eye is the question “What did I do? I only wanted to be loved.” and now because of you and your love he has that chance. Once he’s had everything taken care of he will be a beautiful boy and someone one lucky enough to be able to give him his forever home will get all his love in return for theirs.

  36. tamara says:

    I highly doubt this was a hunting accident. Unless they were hunting polar bears. I hunt. There’s no way I would mistake a big white fluffy dog for a dear and you dont hunt dear with birdshot anyway. This was deliberate.Pure evil act.

  37. Kimberly k says:

    So sorry Holden! Not sure what type of fucked up human being does this to a poor innocent dog, but I don’t hate. I feel bad and pray for the individual because usually it is people like this who have been mentally tortured themselves. I wonder when all this hate will stop because it’s not just against animals, whoever did this I’m sure has done things to other humans as well. It starts with animals and usually progresses on from there. This person is surely a hater and has no regard for life. Sad! I feel bad that my children are being raised in this kind of world where we just are cruel and blow people and animals up for the hell of it. Unfortunately there is not enough places to commit sick people like this and most will go unnoticed and untreated. A true look at our mental health system at work! God help us all, we are living in a very broke society I’m afraid. There’s no respect for anyone or anything! 😦

  38. Tandi Noggle says:

    SOMEBODY knows SOMETHING. Freaks love to brag about their deeds.

  39. Linda Day says:

    The person who shot this beautiful boy — I wish the utmost torture and pain to you, and hope you burn in H***, You have no soul and are evil throughout.

  40. Janie Snell says:

    I honestly could take the individual “out” who did this to this poor animal. Nothing could be foul enough for him!! What a POS!!!!

  41. Virginia says:

    And my friend was upset recently when I told her that, if I saw a cat/kitten drowning and a person drowning, about now I would probably save the cat and let the person drown. People suck. (P.S., As she pointed out, if it were a child, I would probably – probably – save the child.)

  42. Lynn Holland says:

    He may have been a working livestock guardian that was shot by someone stealing goats or sheep or even cattle.

  43. IntegrityandKarma says:

    You sharpen your sword, girl!… and if I have any pull with REAL karma at all?.. I’ll be praying that retribution is not only swift ,but publicly brutal. Blessing upon you, Jean… and all the folks at BFDR who work with these pitiful and loving souls we call dogs. May we learn unconditional love from them, and become more worthy by being around them.

  44. Ellen says:

    People who abuse animals are future serial killers.

  45. kali says:

    People are so mean and hurtful. I don’t understand how someone could do something like this. They have never done anything to you so why in the world would you something this awful to them? This hurts my heart in more ways than one. I hope you find who did this!

  46. Christine says:

    Bless you for all you do. I am focusing all my energy sending sweet Holden healing energy and love and you to. The perfect right people are out there to take care of him and give him all the love the perfect forever home, when he is ready.

  47. Ashlee Christian says:

    We should do it back to him!!!not cool!!

  48. Beryl Taylor says:

    I am so sad to see this. I have a year old Pyrenees and two Goldens and the joy and love they give is beyond words. I can’t understand people like these maybe they are mentally subnormal. I’m too far to foster but available to adopt if needed. Lots of love xxxx

  49. kelly says:

    I would love to be put in a room with the piece of garbage who did this. Rusty sewing needle some wire and a screw driver. Get creative while I ignore the cries for mercy….

  50. I was able to send a Paypal donation tonight for Holden… or to buy a cactus if you find who did this.

  51. Erica says:

    Poor guy. I’m so glad we have a large number of people who actually want to help. I know sometimes it seems like you are fighting a losing battle because of all of the stupid rednecks. I appreciate what you do. There are some pretty dark twisted things I can only hope happens to the asshole who did this to poor Holden. I would love to have a swimming pool full of live, hungry pirhanas and just toss these assholes in and wait for them to be eaten alive. Hopefully very, very slowly.

  52. Kimberly says:

    This just hurts my heart

  53. Sharon Hanlon says:

    I made a donation tonight without hesitation … wish I could donate more to be able to bring him back to what he was. His heart is pure despite the evil that happened to him. Unconditional love. I hope his quality of life improves greatly over the next few months and that he finds a wonderful loving home. I would take him in a minute.

    • Thanks Sharon. We posted an updated on the main FB page. He is blind in the one eye and now completely deaf (the fragments did some major damage to his inner ears). We’re sad, but grateful he’s doing so well.

  54. tanya morrissey says:

    That big sweet fluff’n puff he looks so sad, but i know he is in good hands and he is going to come out of this stronger. I hope he finds a furrever home with someone who spoils him and he never knows what it is like to suffer again.

  55. Emilie says:

    Poor beautiful pup. The dirty son of a bitch who shot him needs to be taught a lesson.

  56. Amy says:

    Predators pray on the innocent and those they know they can overpower. When children and animals give such unconditional love there’s always some sick, twisted, sociopath wanting to take advantage of their innocence. May the person that did this rot in hell….however I don’t think even the devil would want such a pathetic excuse of a human being. Bless you Holden and keep believing…. You are now safe and loved by those near and far.

  57. Suzanne says:

    Karma. If only the one responsible could put 2+2 together. May it make its way back to the loathesome low-life x 2. BFDR’ers, you know who you are: YOU are making a significant difference. Kiss yourself from me. My admiration to you cannot be expressed by mere words. God bless Holden.

  58. Snarky357 says:

    I had to come because I haven’t been disgusted enough with the human race this week, and really want to peg the meter before I fly to Mexico Saturday and forget all these (am I allowed to say ‘fuckers’ here?). What this really does is make me want to do more when I retire from my current job, and regret not going to veterinary school. I will send whatever prayers and positive energy I can to Holden, he sure has a lot of great supporters.

    G’nite Jean.

  59. Catherine Goodwin says:

    Thank you for taking care of this gentle, precious giant! when I get Tshirts made “Be Kind To Children and Animals Or I Will Kill You” i’ll let you know!

  60. Lauren Lindquist says:

    If this bastard will do this to a dog, what will he do to children and women? I hope his karma is rapid on coming back to this s.o.b. You go ahead and sharpen that sword, I so understand. It is these kind of happenings that keep me working in rescue, and REPORTING any animal abuse, child abuse, or woman abuse I see.

    I am so tired of the human race and the atrocities that are being perpetuated on others by said human race. It really pisses me of. I am trying real hard here not to turn the page and the air blue. So I better shut up.

    Thank you for all that you do for rescue!

  61. Sent money for Holden via PayPal.

  62. Desiree Acebedo says:

    I’ll be honest I’m not a big animal activist but no one person, nor animal deserves such cruelty… I can only pray that whomever is responsible for this inhuman action gets their Karma back ASAP…I am glad to hear this dog is still happy with him wagging his tail… pray for a speedy recovery… πŸ™‚

  63. Jen says:

    The world is waaaay overdue for a mass extermination of all of the pieces of shit that inhabit it. I’ll lead the charge and animal abusers should be at the top of the list

  64. Beth Yingling says:

    I used to live in the town where the vet is located and not sure if that is where it happened but some people are still backwards and have no regard for life. Dr. Copeland is great. Poor puppy. Those towns are small, someone will “brag” about it.

  65. Peggy says:

    Thank you for saving this Baby! I do believe there is a special place in HELL for people who abuse these Beautiful Gods Creatures! He will suffer one way or another!

  66. Sue says:

    Karma all the way… who ever was this sadistic and cruel…look over your shoulder my friend… its coming back at ya 100 fold.

  67. Deidrea Bostic says:

    Thank you Jean and Big Fluffy for all you do to take care of these guys. I know you have your bad days, they are worse than most people have, but you always make it through. I hope you continue to do so. You are what the world needs, Jean. There are those of out here that cheer you on daily and support your cause. Give Holden a big hug from me and continue to let him know all people are not fucking dickhead douche bags. Love you with all my heart.

  68. Bren says:

    Poor baby dog. I pray for his recovery and the healing of his pain, both physically and mentally. I’m glad he has people like you to care for him. It is scary to think that there are humans walking among us who are that evil. And sad that this human is so full of hate and anger and evil, and void of love. What a tormented soul.

  69. Christine says:

    I’m still confused on who found him like this. The person who listed him on CL said he was hit by a car. Were they the ones who found him like this and left him untreated for two weeks? Or did someone adopt him free from CL and do this? I cannot imagine the excruciating suffering he endured. To think if he is on pain meds now weeks later after treatment. Imagine before when it happened with NOTHING. How he survived is a miracle! I hope and pray he recovers and lives pain (physically AND emotionally) free. And his abusers find justice. Here or ever after in eternal hell. THank you for saving him and not giving up. He deserves to live and learn what a dogs life is truly about. Love comfort happiness and peace. Xoxo to Holden and those caring for him!

    • Christine,

      The people who found him were well-meaning, but not very well-versed in trauma to dogs. What was obvious to us on arrival to them looked like a car hit since he was wobbling on his back hip. I am appalled that they did not take him in for vet care, but the fact they even helped is amazing. I’ll take what I can get. He is doing really well and went to a foster home yesterday.

  70. monkeestyles says:

    This saddens me deeply. I don’t understand why people have to inflict pain on to anyone else or thing. I hope they get what they have dealt..thanks for supporting the best of the worst.

  71. Barbara says:

    We need to find this person. There needs to be a fair punishment for what this person did to this poor dog. You are so right, this wasn’t done to kill the dog, this was done to make him suffer. I shudder at the thought of this persons next victim, we know there will be another one, until they are STOPPED!

  72. V says:

    This is horrific. I hope whoever did this get theirs in the end.

  73. kris says:

    Tell Holden that we love him and we hope he is feeling better soon!!!!

  74. Michelle says:

    No so-called HUMAN would or could do this to ANY animal. The ‘thing’ that did this is not worthy of the title. “It” deserves a fate MUCH worse than “It” inflicted on this Dog. I hope Holden recuperates 100% and lives a long, happy, healthy life with a HUMAN who adores him as much as he will adore them πŸ™‚

  75. Dear Holden, My name is Mya and I am a Syberian Husky. I also was a victim of crime when someone shot me point blank range into my face. Luckily it was with a shotgun and the pieces of shot did not penetrate my skull. I did however loose the hearing in one ear and the flap is very mangled. I lost an eye and 4 teeth. The doctor pulled enough skin from around the 4 inch piece of skin that was chewed up. I was left along a ditch to die. I was found and turned over to The Texas County Animal Shelter in Houston, Missouri. After a few surgeries and a stint in a Puppies for Parole program for rehabilitation in the Dept of Corrections (max security prison) is where I learned to love and trust again. Local donations poured in and all my vet bills were paid. One day I finally was given the all clear to be adopted. My new Mama still keeps me in contact with all my cheerleaders who sent their love, wished and dollars for my recovery. Visit the one responsible for saving my life at or or me at . You will make it – but only if those around you help.

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