Attention Wolf People: We get it, so simmer down

Well, it’s April Fools Day, which is the one day of the year where I reaffirm just how incredibly gullible and, occasionally, stupid people can be. As some of you know, every year I post a wolf for adoption on our page. This year was no exception. People lost their ever-loving minds and many took us to task for either removing a wolf from the wild or, alternately, for having a wolf and not placing it with wolf people. Seriously. They did. Just check the 500+ comments on the thread at the link above. This begs the question who the fuck seriously thinks a dog rescue has a dog for adoption that hates animals, eats small woodland creatures, wants to eat your granddaughter and took off three fingers of a trainer trying to teach it to not be food aggressive? The reply email on the post is “” (which by the way is not a real address) and should have clued people in to the fact it’s a freaking joke. People: it’s not real so get a grip. Not everything you read on the internets is true.

This is an actual wolf Troy photographed. It does not need rescue.

This is an actual wolf Troy photographed. It does not need rescue.

I would like to take this opportunity to pass along a message to our passionate friends in wolf advocacy. Simmer the fuck down. We aren’t advocating that anyone adopt/capture/trap wolves and putting up a fake post about a wolf is in no way harming wolves. You know who is harming wolves? The dicks running the states of Montana, Wyoming and Idaho who think it’s OK to slaughter them so elk hunters don’t have competition. I suggest that you all dedicate yourselves to the admirable and Herculean task of saving wolves and back off a friendly rescue who supports your cause.

Let me offer you some friendly advice. I have some experience with dealing with morons who indiscriminately kill animals. Try dog rescue for a week in the South if you want to be truly depressed/need experience with mass slaughter. However, even with that depressing fact underscoring every single thing we do, we’ve managed to build a pretty big fan base and we save a lot of dogs because we get how to do it. There is a right way and a wrong way to advocate for an animal. You don’t get that big of fan base if you alienate them with spite or if you drown them in gloom and doom. There is a way to advocate for wolves without looking like a prig or a self-righteous jackass, even in the midst of the horror and carnage. Trust me. I do it everyday.

So wolf people, I’m here if you want some advice on marketing these animals to the public to give them a voice and I will offer my services to you to help out the wolves. I love wolves and I want them to have a place, too. They have every right. Just stop taking the bait when I post about magical direwolves on our Facebook page. You look stupid when you do.

14 Responses to Attention Wolf People: We get it, so simmer down

  1. rudedog4 says:

    But…but…it was on the internet!

  2. Claudine Bonci says:

    OMG, I love you!! Some people are “morans!” LOL!!

  3. Mollie says:

    We don’t “slaughter” wolves in MT for the reason of lessening competition for elk hunting. We control their population so they don’t kill our livestock, which is a rancher’s livelihood here in MT. That’s also why we need livestock guardian dogs, to aid in that process.

    • Mollie, you may not slaughter wolves for elk hunting, but there’s a boat load of that going on. We have long advocated that if ranchers would invest in some serious LGDs like Central Asian Shepherds, the wolves would move on to an easier meal.

  4. Ginger says:

    “Simmer the fuck down”….well said! You just can’t resist getting those folks stirred up, can you? It’s like taking candy from a baby.

  5. limberlostpup says:

    Ugh, talk about an epidemic of misunderstanding! 😦 For the record, I love the way you’ve shaken up writing in an area where the the style typically ranges from cloyingly sentimental to overbearingly sanctimonious. BTW, the offers of Red Bull coming your way lately brought to mind this post and I couldn’t help but see cindy synchronize’s rather worrying comment there. Hard to be sure if it’s for real but I think you chose the safe option!

  6. Marlene says:

    some people are jut too stupid to live. great post!

  7. says:

    Jean- you’re awesome. (But you know that already.)

    “Simmer the fuck down”? That about sums it up…….

    Pam B.

  8. LadyLoki says:

    But don’t you know?!?! You can’t post anything on the internet that isn’t true! 😉

  9. I *heart* you! As an animal advocate, I know how insane and nasty people can be in advocacy which makes no sense at all to me. We are all in it together saving animals but many can take themselves far too seriously and get nasty with people trying to help them help their cause.

  10. sfthsmile says:

    there are no ‘like’ buttons here!!!! LIKE, LIKE, LIKE!!!

  11. Christina Hardman says:

    What in world are people thinking?! It amazes me how stupid people can be and to the extent that cluelessness has overtaken our population! No one has a sense of humor anymore and just really take the fun out of everything! You keep it up because I love reading your posts and would be more than willing to help in any way I could if I lived closer! Until then, I will live vicariously through you!

  12. Cory says:

    People still manage to make me say WTF.

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