Tennessee postpones rising again

Our legislature here in the fair state of Tennessee in its infinite wisdom has decided that the proposed bill (House Bill 2120) which would make attending a dog fight a felony offense needs to be sent back to the lovely folks on the Agriculture committee. Where they know it will die. One can only speculate that legislators in Tennessee are afraid this may affect their friends and family.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the geniuses who continue to insist that Islam is not a religion are now trying to ensure that there will be no Muslim cemetery in Murfreesboro. Watch these loons flip out on a reporter. I am especially fond of the old man who can’t manage verb-noun agreement with this gem of a sentence: “You’re the ones that’s lying”. Folks I think we need to worry less about where Muslims want to bury their dead and more about where we can find ten educated people. I fear we might not be able to scrape that many together in some parts of our state.

Meanwhile, the good people of the State of Maine managed to convict someone and send them to prison for eight months for shooting a dog with a BB gun. Seriously, prison. Here, the legislature would probably send them a medal. Now all I need to complete the perfection is some redneck to tell me I need to quit bagging on the South because it’s gonna rise again and they don’t need uppity women telling them what to do. So even though I am a Southerner, I must wave Dixie and pretend this state is not run by backwoods, uneducated idiots. Suck it. Feel free to let me know when you want to schedule our public debate. I’m totally happy to do that to give you a chance to make your point, but my money’s on me in that battle.

12 Responses to Tennessee postpones rising again

  1. Deborah says:

    OMG. Love the tags, seriously. I may be redundant in asking (asking for a vehement blog) but what DO you think about the 8 month sentence in Maine?

  2. The more people I meet who think dogs are property and not family…the more I like my dog. Ugh…people…especially people in unnamed areas of TN…can be complete morons. Rant on Jean!!!

  3. Marylin Famosi says:

    We here in Maine think of our animals, dogs, cats and others, as family. There are some who think the property thing but mostly they are family. There are those whose animals are providers of food through hunting, but still are respected for their talents and love. We do have those who abuse but it is not tolerated anywhere near other parts of the country.

  4. downeastah says:

    Being a Mainer, I was thrilled to see this sentence handed out for a case of animal abuse. Now we need to have the same standards statewide.

  5. shafawn says:

    Contacted every member of the Tennessee Agriculture Committee and the chairs. One response from Andy Holt said simply “Isn’t dog fighting already illegal?” And that’s the problem. They don’t want to make the act of simply attending a dog fight a felony.
    But it isn’t simple anymore. Someone told me ‘evil people do evil things’. That’s not a good enough answer for a problem that is growing beyond the scope to deal with the consequences of leaving it unchecked.
    I am a Christian. I am a Conservative. I have no problem with strengthening the laws because laws are for the lawless and we live in a lawless generation. We don’t need laws for people who want to do right. We need laws for people who want to do wrong. Killing, maiming, drugging, weighting down their bodies and puppy milling more dogs for the sadistic pleasure of watching them be torn apart should be a felony for every single person involved. Those who participate are attending the fight and they are each actively engaged in the crime. They should be charged with the same offense.
    The owners of those fighting dogs don’t do their business in a vacuum.
    That’s what I told Andy Holt. I haven’t had a response from that one yet.
    Thousands of pit bulls are put down in Tennessee every month. We don’t even know the exact number because many shelters including the one in my county won’t even put a pit up for adoption. There are so overwhelmed with pits that they are immediately put down. The staggering statewide numbers of dogs being killed is not even reported to the public. But you can get on Craig’s list and see at least 5 litters of pit puppies up for adoption every single day in every county. How many of those dogs are being ripped apart in the fights or immediately killed in the shelters?
    It’s ridiculous and I intend to email and call the Agriculture Committee about it often. They may do nothing but I won’t let them forget.

  6. Joe Bleau says:

    Rant on, Jean! Tennessee unfortunately doesn’t have the market cornered on backwoods, uneducated hicks in the government. Arkansas has their share, too. I like the reply one of our volunteers got in regards to asking why dogs in our Animal Control facility had no bedding whatsoever, not even a rubber mat to lie on.

    “I am thankful though that God actually gave animals the ability to deal with weather issues much better then we as humans have. We may consider them human but they are not.”

    Yes, thank goodness the ability to lie on damp concrete floors in 30-degree weather in a building with no heat is God-given to animals. Fucking idiot. Said volunteer was able to get beds for the dogs, though it took the morons over 2 weeks to actually set them up and use them. Because 2 full-time employees for 11 kennels and 6 cat-cages are just too busy.

  7. BG Carney says:

    I’m on your side in this debate, honey!!

  8. Terri Davison says:

    Meanwhile, here in Connecticut….

    …a Huskey living out on a short chain…the owner will sell him to the rescue….

    …a dog in Bridgeport living in a box. The authorities say this is okay….

    …it is everywhere and it is evil.

  9. Carole Parker says:

    Agree with you on idiots in Tennessee as I am from there but not one of the idiots…as for the Muslim issue however I cannot agree with you…we can agree to disagree. I have a contact in the capitol with whom I will speak about HB 2120. This is ludicrous to state the least. Thank you for shedding light on this issue.

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