Ambling along the boardwalk in Blue Springs State Park, Florida

I have been out with major dental surgery for the past two weeks, culminating in an unplanned visit to the oral surgeon to address an infection in the jawbone. This sucked epicly, as the pain level was remarkably high. I am not a wuss as I walked around with a broken neck for three weeks in exquisite pain before it was surgically repaired. So when they asked me “How would you describe the pain on a scale of 1 to 10” my response was pretty simple: “That would be a 10” with an unspoken “thanks for asking Captain Obvious”” tacked on the end. Fortunately for me and those forced to be near me, someone totally awesome invented Percocet. I have decided Percocet doesn’t really dull the pain – it just makes you not give a damn that you are in pain. This post is dedicated to you, Mr. Unknown-I-invented-Percocet-guy. Without your invention, I would have either gone mad or killed my husband, and it was even money on which way I would have gone. I am on the mend, but I am pretty sure in my last life I must have killed a slew of dentists to end up in their chairs so much over the past two weeks.  Karmic vengeance to be sure.

So kids, here’s your pretty for the week while I live in a haze of oxycodone bliss. These pictures are from Blue Springs State Park just north of Orlando, Florida. This is just off the St. Johns River and during the winter, it is a major manatee hangout where they come by the hundreds as the temperature of the water is steady 72 degrees year round. The spring is enchanting, and for those who like to dive, you can get certified to dive here as the spring is 140 feet deep at the source.  There is a boardwalk along the river for those who want to stroll along the water and you can swim here unless the manatees are present, at which point, it’s off limits. For those of the kayaking bent, forget it. The main spring and run down the 3/4 miles to the convergence with the St. Johns River are closed to kayakers. The water is spectacular and the wildlife viewing is great if you want to see manatees in huge numbers. This park is famous for huge crowds during the season, so call before you come because they do close it off when the crowds are high. There is a $5 entrance fee, and for a quick stop, it’s a nice place to see.

Blue Springs State Park: it's just that pretty


Where the Blue Springs run converges with the St Johns River. This is all manatee preserve and it's off limits to people from November to March.


Spectacular scenery.


Scuba diving at the main spring. The divers disappear into a dark blue crack below the water. It's pretty cool to see.

8 Responses to Ambling along the boardwalk in Blue Springs State Park, Florida

  1. donna says:

    beautiful pics and i’m so very happy your back on the planet with us 🙂

  2. Jean, you didn’t kill a slew of dentists. You just bit the shit out of one of them. Repeatedly, and extremely painfully. Until you caused him to die of blood poisoning. Over 100 years ago, say around 1890. And he was a good person, very kind to all of his patients. That was a lot of bad karma to overcome! Glad you’re better, though. Have you moved to Florida? Freddie sends his love.

  3. bschooled says:

    Ugh…so sorry to hear about the dental surgery. I swear I never felt real pain until I had my wisdom teeth removed. (And again when I had a root canal.) Given my non-existent pain threshold, jaw surgery would probably kill me.

    As usual, your pics are stunning. I especially love the second one, I could stare at it for hours. In fact I think I did…

  4. Words I hope to never say: “infection in the jawbone.”

    Words I hope to say all the time everyday always: “major manatee hangout.”

    Not jealous and jealous, all at the same time. Conflicted.

    • I added that phrase to others I have learned to dislike, including “we’re going to tap (insert body part here) and “this will sting a little.

      I have decided to start a manatee rescue. When I mentioned this plan to him, my husband said things like “we are in Tennessee” and “have you been hitting the Percocet again” but he just doesn’t see my vision.

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