Science Geek alert – aurora borealis

I have always wanted to see the aurora borealis. There are two main flaws with this plan. One, I live in the South, where auroral displays are pretty damned rare and two, it’s hard to plan your schedule around coronal mass ejections* to make plane reservations to get there in time to see them.  Of course, getting to see these displays generally requires winter time (darkness is essential) and northern latitudes. Winter + northern latitude = really fucking cold which everyone knows I am morally opposed to. Also, polar bears.  Since this winter has been freakishly warm and today we are expecting mass destruction in the form of tornadoes here in the Nashville area, I present this video of aurora borealis from space because this appears to be as close as I am going to get to either outer space or the northern lights. If Troy really loved me, he’d book me on the space shuttle so I could see the famed northern lights from the relatively warm comforts of the shuttle, with the bonus of zero gravity (things have got to be perkier in outer space).

*that sounds really dirty

2 Responses to Science Geek alert – aurora borealis

  1. David says:

    Very pretty!! 🙂 I’m sure there are a lot of people in your vicinity who’d be just ecstatic over clear skies right now. Paws crossed here you don’t blow away …

    Looks like you might have to let Troy off the hook for the shuttle ride. Didn’t NASA retire them, recently? Anyway, after Challenger and Columbia, you’d have to suspect Troy was trying to kill you yet again in a most spectacular and expensive way. If your heart is absolutely set on space travel, it would appear the Ruskies are your best bet for the moment.

    Personally, I’m not too keen on the idea of free fall. The feeling of having my stomach bumping my tonsils does not at all appeal. Even worse, from what I’ve read, is going to the bathroom up there. It sounds, well, just *weird*. Good luck to you! I think I’ll take my chances down here with the cold and the polar bears.

    So it seems the only thing likely to make a sonic boom in Florida for the time being is a certain silver-grey CR-V moving at high speed. Here’s a thought for when you travel. While it’s very likely that old fool in the Buick in front of you really is simply hogging the passing lane, remember he won’t be able to hear your horn (or invective), either, because at your speed sound follows the vehicle.

    Hope you are still set for the Florida Keys. If so, take pictures and give my warm regards to the sharks!!

  2. bschooled says:

    Beautiful! Unfortunately I, like you can’t deal with the cold. After returning from Mexico back to Canada, I spent two weeks jacking up the heat full force and wearing six layers of clothes to bed. And the temperature wasn’t even in the negative digits!

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