Betty Crocker is a communist

Need I say more?

Woefully behind on posts from the lengthy December vacation which was followed by endless trials and whining clients, I decided I needed a chocolate infusion stat. Everyone knows that brownie batter is a cure for bad breakups, cancer and stress.  I have stress, therefore I need brownies, and pre-brownies in the form of brownie batter while I wait for brownies to bake.  Then I saw this on the box. “Fuck off Betty Crocker”, said Jean as she licked the spatula.


18 Responses to Betty Crocker is a communist

  1. Chameleon says:

    Works just as well with Egg Beaters, with no fear of Salmonella either.

    Would have killed for some Duncan Hinds Dark Fudge brownies tonight myself, but no cooking oil in the house.

  2. Cham says:

    Damn wish I had known that earlier.But then I would have to talk to my DH, and wouldn’t have gotten so much reading of Widow of the South read. Lol

  3. Brett Minor says:

    We always eat the batter and cookie dough. Lots of it and have never gotten sick. Great stuff.

  4. mistyslaws says:

    Ha! Second post I read today about batters and salmonella. And I agree, what crazy crackhead put that on the box? There is nothing wrong at all with eating batter. What are they teaching the youth of tomorrow? Won’t someone think of the children????

  5. bschooled says:

    I should know not to come here when I have insomnia. I just laughed so hard my neighbor upstairs slammed something on the floor, her way of politely letting me know I woke her up…

  6. Mayor Gia says:

    And now I’m craving raw brownie batter. Well mostly just the batter and water and maybe a little bit of oil. Yummmmm.

  7. Jen says:

    Anyone who doesn’t eat raw batter or dough is a conspiracy-theorist Socialist bastard. That is the nectar of the GODS, damn it!

  8. David says:

    Uh – oh … great! 😦 Now you’ve made ’em really mad.

  9. Wag the Dad says:

    Betty Crocker. Who knew? Dammit. I don’t even like cooked dough.

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