Shark diving on the cheap and other really bad ideas for vacation adventures

It is indisputable that sharks are extra cool. Every time I go to the beach, I look in vain for a shark. I’ve never seen a real shark in the ocean, not counting the two-foot-long baby shark I saw during my disastrous canoe trip with my sister. Naturally, Shark Week is a big geek-out time of year for me and I never miss the episodes reenacting the attack on the poor slob at the beach. For those of my morbid followers who just want the link to the shark attack videos, here you go.

Since I am such a shark geek, I am dying to go shark diving. This week, I got an email offering the trip of a life time to go “Budget Shark Diving.” This causes me some concern. I think that economizing to save money is not really my primary concern when picking a shark diving outfit. If you need an explanation why, take a gander at this outfit’s liability waiver you have to sign before you hit the cage. (Note: this dive group did not offer a discount trip to me). Keep your hands in the cage kids!

If shark diving on a budget strikes you as a bad idea, how about having a guy hold you by the ankles so you can look over the edge of Victoria Falls?

This hiking trail in China looks like it was built to last. I definitely want to try this one.

I think that zoos that allow visitors to simply walk into enclosures to pet the lions are charming, and also, operate to remove stupid people from the reproductive pool.

If you are brave and/or stupid enough to want to canoe a remote part of Africa, remember that hippos are not your friend.

Yachting around the Horn of Africa is lovely, and also, exciting as you attempt to outrun the natives who would like you to the their “Guest” while they ransom you. This site as some helpful tips including Somali phrases to memorize for your captivity.

On balance, the budget shark dive seems alright.

6 Responses to Shark diving on the cheap and other really bad ideas for vacation adventures

  1. David says:

    Continuing the marine theme, it’s good to see you surface. I figured perhaps you had a full docket but apparently you’ve been glued to Discovery Channel.

    Gory videos? Meh … call me a wimp but supervising staff in necropsy and rabies laboratories (which, you can imagine, regularly have the positively delightful ambience of a butcher’s shambles) means my choice of viewing entertainment is likely to include something fluffy, warm-blooded and non-threatening … and no nasty surprises. I’m strictly for happy endings if they are an option.

    That said, I’ve always enjoyed SCUBA diving and have come across a few sharks that way. No great whites, though. And from all accounts, it looks like you’re after the adrenaline rush of a “throw me in a cage and chum the water!” experience. If you are after a SERIOUSLY budget dive I could probably spare a 500 Varikennel and a Flexi to lower it into the action. No need to return them and you’re very welcome! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Years ago we got to dive in the aquarium at Manly Marineland which, I think, is now the Manly Oceanarium, in Sydney. I hope they are remodeling it since it appeared somewhat dilapidated even then – a relic of animal exhibits built under a dated paradigm. I don’t remember much other than they said to watch out for the smaller sharks since they can whip around pretty quickly to bite. I did reach out and touch the side of one of the larger sharks, though, as it was gliding by and it was quite rough, like sandpaper.

    Let me finish with a word of warnng from a former resident. In Australia, they like to keep their sharks well-fed and I’m sure the sharks have learned that American tourists are a particular delicacy. Since I’m sticking to happy endings, here’s a story about one that got away. Now *there’s* a way to get that adrenaline rush!

    • Thanks David. I think I’ll make sure that my cage is actually welded steel and not a lobster pot. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have wanted to see the Great Barrier Reef for years but my husband always points out that Americans are always left behind to be eaten.

  2. wagthedad says:

    Man, I have to learn how to dive. It’s one of my 3 things I want to do before I dive. Maybe shark diving would be the best way to learn…hmmmm…

    • I don’t know how to dive either. Shark diving seems like a great time to learn. I am looking at a dive group off Guadalupe Island. They seem to think that I need to learn to dive before I get there. Silly tour operators.

  3. Hippos freak me out. F*cking crazy bastards.

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