Yosemite Bingo: Passenger Fun

Traveling is frequently very annoying. Traffic, crowds, weather issues – they can all totally screw up an otherwise pleasant trip. It is my lot in life to ride shotgun as I am never the one driving and I suffer extensively as the perpetual passenger. Troy complains that I am way too aggressive behind the wheel (doubtful) and that he is the sensible one (this from the man who would scream at someone holding a rocket launcher for cutting him off). Apparently, I must have been drunk* when Troy and I married because I missed the part in the vows to always let Troy drive. But I digress.

For those moments when life sucks in the passenger’s seat, I invented National Park bingo. Playing is easy. Print your card and observe.  Mark off the spaces as you see the items in question. When you get an entire row, casually lean over and then yell loudly in your husband’s ear “Bingo!”  When playing solo, you win when your husband nearly drives off the road so you can lecture him about his lack of driving acumen.

Your bingo card:



All of these things can be found at Yosemite National Park

Happy hunting.

* It was Vegas. And also, I was drunk.



4 Responses to Yosemite Bingo: Passenger Fun

  1. I will change my summer plans to visit Yosemite, just so I can use this bingo card.

    • Take your kids and give them a card. See if they can spot the difference between a German lesbian and a granola hippie chick in Birkenstocks. My money’s on The Fonz. Just keep an eye on them on the Mist Trail. You seem to like your kids.

  2. David says:

    Well … congratulations on making some waves with your blogging lately! 😉

    Would you say riding shotgun is your lot in life, or just a matter of wisely choosing battles? In my experience, if your partner is worth his or her salt, a good bit of marriage is managing the inevitable battle of wills. Not sure being sober helps much when choosing either. Making the best of what you’ve got is probbably at least as important as, if not more so than finding Mr/Ms Right. Oh, and riding shotgun certainly has its advantages if you like to people-watch.

    Reading what you’ve written here over the last couple of years or so, what stands out to me is you and Troy seem to treat marriage as a shared adventure. I think that’s very appealing.

    I had a link (which I can no longer find) to an article on environmental degradation in national parks from overuse. One option for remediation explored was excluding non US-residents. Sounds like pinning the responsibility for local problems on out-of-towners is becoming a familiar theme. Whether or not exclusion would solve them is moot, but it would sure make it much harder to get that “Bingo!”

    Happy Fourth!

    • I would hate to see them shut it down to the Europeans. They are way more respectful of our national parks than we are. I think Zion does it right – there is a park wide shuttle system and it’s closed to cars. That saves a lot of wear and tear. They could always ban rednecks. That would go a long way to cleaning up the Smokies.

      As for the rest, sobriety is overrated.

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