Another day in paradise: Sequoia National Park and King’s Canyon

It just wouldn’t be a Harrison vacation unless the weather sucked and in keeping with tradition, this year’s California trip did not disappoint. Or, actually, it did disappoint, and the weather sucked. While Tennessee baked mercilessly in 100 degree heat, northern California could not buy a ray of sunshine. Troy and I detoured from Yosemite for a day to see the giant sequoias that populate the aptly-named Sequoia National Park. Sadly, they were hard to see.

A canopy of giant trees or the poster for the next Twilight movie: Sequoia shrouded in fog.

Giant sequoias are giant. It’s hard to define giant until you’re standing next to it. Rest assured, these are big fucking trees. Even if the fog was so heavy you couldn’t really see them.

Troy standing inside a fallen sequoia at Grant's Grove in King's Canyon National Park.

Perhaps you missed the white stuff on the ground. They call it snow. In June.

General Grant Tree. In snow. In June. Guess that's why it's called the Nation's Christmas Tree.

I desperately wanted to make a snow ball and hit Troy in the face but he said if I did, he would wrestle me to the ground and shove snow down my cleavage and then I would be really wet and cold.  Having some experience in ignoring threats like this to my peril, discretion won out and I stayed (reasonably) dry. Every giant tree is named after a Union general or other Yankee. I suppose this is because the trees were set aside during Lincoln’s tenure, but it could also be because Yankee generals really wanted to have something long and giant named after them to make up for other shortcomings. Sequoias have really soft, spongy bark and they make crappy wood for building anything because it splinters. Lincoln had to save them from wholesale slaughter because, even though they could really only be used to make pencils, our ancestors had the social conscience of fleas and would have cut them down to make mulch because they could. I am amazed sometimes that we survive as a species despite ourselves.

Troy and I at the world's biggest tree (General Sherman) which we could not really see and now neither can you. This is a crappy vacation picture to be sure.

We finally decided to drive to the far side of King’s Canyon National Park and were rewarded with sunshine and warmer temperatures. We saw no one. This has to be the most deserted park we’ve been to. This would have been a totally awesome place to see Bigfoot, but I was again denied. No ‘squatch for Jean this trip. Just a waterfall:

Grizzly Falls, Kings Canyon National Park. I don't know why they call it that. They have no grizzlies here.

15 Responses to Another day in paradise: Sequoia National Park and King’s Canyon

  1. Sara Bellum! says:

    I hope I’m not the only one who appreciates that you’re so familiar with Bigfoot you abbreviate his name to just “‘Squatch”.

    Also, “Squatch” sounds hella dirty.

  2. Jean, I think you would enjoy the show on Animal planet called “Finding Bigfoot”. . I believe you would find those yayhoos highly amusing.Also, “Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide will be on the History Channel on Saturday, June 25.

    • I’ve seen it and it’s awesome. They are absolutely certain that Bigfoot lurks everywhere, If that’s the case, then why haven’t I seen one?

      • You need to go to Monolake, CA which I saw TODAY on MonsterQuest. Did you know that somebody caught a live Piranha in Tennessee in the last couple of years? Anyway, after the Piranha episode was a MonsterQuest episode about 3 Sasquatches that have been living around that lake for a number of years. I mean, you’re there. It looks like a killer hike. Lots of pretty scenery. I’m sure Troy can try to kill you again. . What’s not to like? 🙂 By the way, Freddie says hi. He wants you to bring him home a Sasquatch snack.

  3. David says:

    Personally, I like the “crappy vacation picture”. There is a dark patch in the background which almost makes it look like you and Troy are holding hands.

    Ooooh, and a Twilight Saga reference. So, inquiring minds wanna know … Team Edward or Team Jacob, Jean?

    • No hand holding. I promise. A true story: when Troy had to have minor surgery they injected him with Versed and as he was being wheeled away, the nurse said “Would you like to kiss your wife?” Troy looked horrified and said – “why, we’re married.” As for the Twilight reference, I don’t get the attraction. All that teenage longing and drama. Anyone over 30 would have sent him packing. If I was required to pick, I’d have to go Jacob. However, this assumes I am 18 and not 43. All those middle aged women swooning over baby actors makes me vaguely ill.

      • David says:

        Sorry about the silly question. Just had to confirm that a big, fluffy lupine, hotheaded though he is, trumps a cool, intellectual vampire. 😛 Neutered, then a few weeks with a good trainer to iron out the bratty, adolescent behavior, and Jacob might just be adoptable. 😉

        I’m so glad you got a week to yourselves after the crazy events preceding it and all your exhausting work. Did I see you mention something about sleeping in an earlier post? Frankly, I don’t believe it! When do you get time?

  4. bschooled says:

    Quit hogging all the talent! Witty writers aren’t supposed to be able to take ridiculously gorgeous pictures like this. It’s against the law of human nature. Or human science. Or human whatever.

    It’s just not how God intended us to be.

    • You are so on the Christmas card list, but I assure you, these are snapshots only. I’m married to someone who did this professionally. I am not fit to hold his lens cap. I should probably tell him that next time he demands a sexual favor I’m not inclined to give. “I’m not worthy”.

  5. read2bhappy says:

    Just got back from Sequoia and there was still snow on the ground, but not as much as in these pictures. The weather was beautiful too, but cold at night. Our best trip to Sequoia was in the beginning of August. Just enough snow melt to make the falls nice, but not so much to get in the way. Did you go to Crystal Cave? Always a comfortable 50 degrees in there!

    • Sadly, the Crystal Cave tickets were sold out when we were there. It was downright frigid when we were there. Naturally, as soon as we left, the clouds cleared and the temperatures went up 30 degrees.

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