Williams-Sonoma: purveyor of kitchen tools and adult implements

I have a wedding to go to in two weeks and my friends are registered at Williams-Sonoma.  Scrolling through the kitchen tools section, this gem popped up:

A stainless steel butt plug, with teeth

I wish I knew who wrote the copy for this product because they deserve a huge shout out for managing to get such a staid institution to publish something so sublimely subversive.

9 Responses to Williams-Sonoma: purveyor of kitchen tools and adult implements

  1. Chamraine says:

    Well they say what was old becomes new agai… OUCH http://www.medievality.com/pear-of-anguish.html

  2. Jerry says:

    I’ve popped in two or three times and viewed the…uh, interesting appliance displayed…and left without commenting because…my comment could only be, “Oh”.

    But I do want you to know that I have been here. So…


    • I feel exactly the same way. I am not well-bred enough, though, not to share my horror with my friends. Moreover, I think I may be an arrested adolescent because I giggle every time I read the words “meat pounder”.

  3. i could feel good about this purchase. i mean, not “feel good” in that way, but uhhh…..what I meant was….since it can be used for one than just the meat tenderizing, it would no longer be a unitasker in my book. if it’s not a unitasker, it’s a purchase i can justify.

  4. Sara! says:

    It pleases me greatly that you now have a “buttplug” tag for your blog.

    • I did that just for you. Today’s search that found this blog: “stainless steel buttplug gem”. Also, the searches “shark eating canoe”, “King Aragon penis sword” and “penis rock” continue to find this blog. Disturbing.

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