Attention Yankees: please come get your weather

Dear Yankee friend,

I realize the news has been occupying all our minds recently, so perhaps it has escaped your attention that your weather is out of your back yard. While you were watching the news, your weather sneaked out and has found its way down South. While we appreciate the bracing air and fluffy fat snowflakes visiting, we are unaccustomed to cold weather and don’t really own coats. Since Tennessee shares a snow plow with the State of Alabama and the Alabama people are hogging it so they can clear their streets in time to get people to bowl game parties, we are left to fend for ourselves here in Nashville and it is kind of sucking. If it would be OK, would you mind coming down and getting your weather? We would really appreciate it.


The South

The Parthenon has snow on it. Actual real live snow.


PS from Baxter:

Dear Yankee, no rush. The snow is awesome.

7 Responses to Attention Yankees: please come get your weather

  1. Robert Henderson says:

    Dear Southerners,

    Us yankees were just trying to show you some of our “Northern Hospitality.” We like to share the things that are nearest and dearest to us! However, it appears that this gift is not really appreciated, so we have used our silent snow whistles, and are calling the snow home, it should be back here in the north Tuesday night, and from what we hear, it is very upset with the south. All it wanted to do what make the children happy, by letting them build snowmen, and snowforts, go sledding,and engage in good old fashion snowball fights. It also wanted to give all the people of the south a day off from work, and a little exercise in shoveling driveways. Now the storm is upset, and will take out its frustration on us, once it gets home. Next time we will send you something more suited to your tastes, like Lady Gaga!!

  2. Chamraine says:

    But we just figured that we would help all those Big Fluffies, used to the white fluffy stuff. Just ask them, they love it.
    ps what size shoe do you wear? I’m sure I have an extra pair of boots I can send down to keep your tootsies warm…

  3. i am filled with an unhealthy amount of envy right now. before the north comes and get the snow, could you please lend some to the west?

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