Dressing for the holidays: sexpantz

I loathe clothing that  requires more than spandex to shape it and hold it up on  my body. I also loathe shopping. I have in the past considered wearing a muumuu since the only thing it actually touches on the body is the shoulders and because a muumuu is basically a trashbag with armholes, that extra cookie I ate for lunch isn’t going to show. However, the only people allowed by law to wear a muumuu are anyone over 300 pounds, Italian grandmothers over the age of 60, the Olsen twins and Divine (God rest his soul).  It is December. I have parties to attend. I need clothes. Dressy clothes.  Desperation is a powerful motivator that can force me to shop.

There are three relevant rules of fashion in my world in this instance:

1. Yoga pants are awesomely comfortable.

2. Holiday parties require dressy clothing (translation: nothing grey heather or with the word “Hanes” on the label).

3. Velvet makes anything look Christmas-y.

Taken together, the solution is obvious: velvet yoga pants. Here is what I found online:

Nothing says fun office party outfit like hot pink crotchless velvet yoga pants.

Yes, someone sells something called “sexpantz”.  You can buy various kinds of sexpantz: catpantz, hotpantz and dancepantz. I am particularly fond of the leopard print catpantz modeled by a man. If you look, don’t say you weren’t warned.

This site begs the question: who would buy these things? Apparently, according to the metatags, members of the LGBT world and Burning Man revelers.  

No self-respecting gay would be caught dead in stretch velvet assless chaps.

While I have never attended Burning Man as I am now way too old for that kind of chemical joy, I am reasonably confident based on vague memories of misdeeds from the first Lollapalooza, that these pants would not sell well to that crowd.  They’ll be naked and covered in mud and velvet really does not hold up well in mud.  As for the LGBT world, my gay friends would rather send a Christmas card to Fred Phelps than wear velvet assless chaps. Leather, sure, but cheap stretch velvet?  The horror.

I guess I now understand ass waxing. If your ass is on display, you’ll need to make a good impression because first impressions matter.

4 Responses to Dressing for the holidays: sexpantz

  1. Tarin says:

    My m-i-l attends Burning Man yearly and I’m pretty sure she has a pair of those pants somewhere in her closet. Yes, she’s too old for Burning Man and NO, she should absolutely NOT be wearing those pants, but do those facts stop her?!? Unfortunately, not a chance!

  2. Noa Gavin says:

    Finally. Something to wear snowboarding this year with my in-laws.

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  4. Kim says:

    My gay ass, would totally be found in those pants… Just to piss off my bigot neighbors! Fantastic find.

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