You never really grow up

My baby sister just turned 40. This is appalling, not for her of course as the alternative was unpleasant, but for me, because that means I am positively ancient. I decided to take her for a quick trip to Florida to hang out for a few days. As we are both mature adults, we would surely have meaningful conversations about life and family. Right. All I can say is that the wench ate my eclair. I left it alone and unguarded overnight because, really, no one needs 450 calories before bed, but I knew in the morning it would be there waiting for me.  I awoke to discover the horror of an empty eclair package.

She decimated my unguarded, but much desired, eclair.

 Seriously, did I have to declare dibs before bed? Has she no shame? Apparently not.

The ocean was too calm to pass off a drowning as accidental.

I hereby declare shotgun to infinity. She will never get to ride in the front seat if I can help it. Even though I am 42.

2 Responses to You never really grow up

  1. Chrissi says:

    Granny has underwear older than you. Really, comfort yourself, it will go straight to her hips.

    P.s. Don’t leave an eclair laying around for me to see, I’ll eat it too.

  2. Tina says:

    I agree with Chrissi. Not only will it go straight to her hips, but it may also cause a sudden acne breakout (we can hope for revenge)! Oh, and I’ll eat it too.

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