Glacier National Park, Montana

There is something about this place that makes me want to break into a stirring rendition of ‘The Hills are Alive’  even though I really hated that movie. I know it’s an anti-American sentiment, but I wanted to slap every last one of them. But I digress.

You know you want to break into song

Montana is Big Sky Country. I’m not sure what that means since all states have big sky over them. However, when I stepped off the plane, a part of me immediately conjured up fantasies of living in some ranch house with huge acreage while admiring handsome men who bring home trout. This is part of my Legends of the Fall fantasy. I know, Brad Pitt was eaten by a bear at the end (more on this later) and everyone he loved died, but the scenery probably made all that misery worthwhile, at least during the summer when the air is not so cold as to freeze your lungs.

Some scenery:

Brad Pitt probably fished here

When you enter the actual park, they hand you a brochure with a bear on the front that warns you that bears are dangerous. I know Troy brought me here to feed me to the bears for nagging. So far, though, we have seen no bears. This is somewhat disappointing. I wanted to ask the park ranger what time the bears would show up but Troy wouldn’t let me. So far, my wildlife count includes squirrels, deer and mountain goats. I love the baby mountain goats.

Baby mountain goat posing for me

I also was hoping to see golden eagles. Troy saw them when he hiked earlier today, but then he told me the rangers said golden eagles eat baby goats.

5 Responses to Glacier National Park, Montana

  1. Linda says:

    Beautiful pics. I love the baby goat, don’t you want to cuddle him. How cute are the rangers? Did you buy Troy coco butter tanning lotion to marinate the meat?

  2. Angela says:

    OMG! Can I join you? And don’t knock Sound of Music….I was Sr. Sophia!!

    Duncan and Drake send their love and wish they could hike with you.

  3. Jane says:

    I too hate The Sound of Music- glad I have a kindred spirit. I do love Glacier NP – one of my favorite parks with the Going to the Sun Road and those cute red elongated cars that they have rehabbed. I think they would make a great pyr hauler. Don’t know why Ford does not sell them to the gen pop. One of my pyrs is named Glacier, so of course I’m sure the park is named after him. Enjoy his park!

  4. Kathy Lawrence says:

    You could not have picked a more beautiful place to go on vacation. The little Night Owl cafe outside of Glacier is also a neat place to eat with their indian fry bread. You go in one door, but there are two resturants inside. Enjoy the beauty of it all.

  5. Beth says:

    Brad was eaten by a bear (not a beat..or a beet) at the end of Legends of the Fall – but it was “a good death”. I could go that way, as long as the bear knew what he/she was doing and didn’t play around w/me.

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