The desert Southwest is full of all kinds of archealogical treasures, but I am personally enthralled by petroglyphs. For those who don’t know what they are, petroglyphs are ancient Indian drawings left behind on canyon walls.  Much smarter people than I can talk about their meanings, but the drawings are powerful even to the untrained eye.  Canyonlands and Capitol Reef both have outstanding examples of petroglyphs that are worth the trip just to see them.

Petroglyph at Capitol Reef

Petroglyph panel on Potash Road

However, some people just can’t leave well enough alone. They feel the need to add their mark to the world by adding to the tapestry on the cliffs. I present to you: Gringoglyphs.  Now, for all time, Bill and Judy and their love are memorialized on a petroglyph panel in a side Gringoglyph. They must be so proud.


2 Responses to Gringoglyphs

  1. Sara Bellum says:

    You should publish a book of gringoglyphs. It could be bigger than the Shopping Cart field guide.

  2. MelissaC says:

    Bill & Judy deserve a good beating… maybe they scratched their names just before sacrificing themselves to the gods…

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