Health care conversations: a midget’s perspective

Most of us are sick of the health care debate and just wish they would do something and shut up about it already. So when Troy and I were sitting in a Subway attempting to enjoy a healthy, Jared-approved lunch, we found ourselves seated behind a middle-aged, blonde, club-footed midget dining with a middle-aged citizen of the Wal-mart nation. I am not making this up. Anyway, she told her friend in a loud voice that she was opposed to health care reform because if everyone had health insurance, then they’d all get to go to the doctor and she didn’t want to have to wait for an appointment. She also thought it would cost her more money because then her doctor would have more patients to choose from and she would have to pay more to keep her doctor. I am unclear on this last point, but presumably there is a shortage of qualified medical care for the little people of the world or else she thought she was an undesirable patient and she would have to pay more to keep her doctor willing to see her. I think the latter is most likely given her charm.

This conversation terrifies for me two reasons. The obvious one is that I have seen a club-footed midget in a Subway in East Tennessee dining with a UT track-suit wearing companion which I think qualifies me to yell ‘bingo!’  The second and more ominous reason for my terror is that this person might vote, or worse, procreate. If she had mindlessly reproduced, she could populate the South with slack-jawed yokels with the power to vote.  Oh wait, we’re already overrun with slack-jawed yokels, some of whom voted to allow guns in bars. My bad.

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